Expedite Precision Works Inc.

Welcome to Expedite Precision Works Incorporated.

We are a very diverse manufacturer providing a wide range of products and services to support industries world wide including; Semiconductor, Medical Device, Pharmaceutics, Food Processing, Aero Space and Defense.

Our core competencies are; Micro Machining, Custom Machining, Fabrication of metal and plastic parts and components. We also provide "light" assembly services.

In addition Expedite Precision Works(EPW) specializes in plastic and metal vessels and tanks. We offer a complete line of standard process and rinse vessels designed specifically for the Semiconductor Industry. We also design and manufacture custom containment products for any other application.

Expedite Precision Works (EPW) is an ISO 9001:2008, UL DQS certified manufacturer.
Micro Machining
Custom Machining
Vessels and Tanks
Assembly Service

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Expedite Precision Works, Inc.
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